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God was the first entrepreneur. He created something out of nothing. He brought order out of chaos. He created value where there was none before. Isn’t it interesting that the first thing The Bible tells us about God is not that He is loving, holy, or sovereign? No, the first thing Scripture tells us about God is that He is a creator.

Why does this matter? For Christians who believe that they are made in the image of God and exist to glorify Him, it matters a great deal. In seeing the entrepreneurial nature of our Creator, we can begin to explain our deep desire to create and, through our creating, more clearly reveal the characteristics of our Father to others. It is at that point that our work becomes more than a job. It is then that our work becomes a vocation, a truly higher calling to use our entrepreneurial gifts as a means of glorifying our Creator and serving His people.

As a serial entrepreneur myself, I have long desired a language to articulate how my work connects to my faith. Through extensive research and conversations with countless successful Christian entrepreneurs and creatives, I have discovered some amazing truths that have added significant depth and meaning to my work. Now, I want to share those findings with the world. That’s why I am writing Called to Create, a book that explores God’s entrepreneurial character, His call for us to join Him in creative work, and what The Bible has to say to Christian entrepreneurs and creatives. This blog will serve as the central hub from which I will share updates on the progress of writing and publishing this book. As a thank you for being here at the beginning of this project, I am giving away the first draft of Chapter 1: The First Entrepreneur. Download it today by entering your information below!

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About The Author

Jordan Raynorhaven’t always thought of myself as entrepreneurial, but looking back over the course of my life, that is probably the best way to describe my lifelong passion for creating things that matter. I started my first “business” when I was nine years old, selling baseball cards out of my bedroom. It was a terrible business as my customer acquisition strategy was completely reliant on how hospitable my parents were feeling. In the eighth grade, my entrepreneurial spirit took a different shape as I watched the 2000 election, mesmerized by the romanticism that characterizes the launch, rise, and fall of presidential campaigns. Planning on launching a campaign for President of the United States in 2024 (self-confidence was not an issue for me), I started my career down a political path, taking my first “real job” at the age of 17 managing a countywide campaign in Hillsborough County, Florida (in my hometown of Tampa). Winning that campaign made me think I was addicted to politics. Years later, after numerous political jobs and an internship in the Bush White House, I realized that it wasn’t politics I was addicted to; it was launching things that mattered and winning. I started my first (real) business, Direct Media Strategies, in 2009 – an “online communications agency” that helped political campaigns, causes, and corporations use the Internet to win. In 2011, Direct Media Strategies was acquired by Engage – deemed a “mega interactive agency” by Mashable. At Engage, I had the privilege of leading an incredibly talented team who led digital strategy for some of the most high-profile political and consumer brands in the world including Paul Ryan, John Boehner, Google, Foursquare, and WalMart.

In 2012, opportunity came knocking and I knew it was time to start-up again, this time launching Citizinvestor.com, now the largest crowdfunding platform for government projects in the world. In 2014, I released my first book, Startup Stories, which chronicles the first two years of Citizinvestor’s life along with a series of lessons I’ve learned about what it takes to launch a company, grind through startup life, and grow a business from the ground up. The book debuted in the #1 Best Seller spot in numerous categories on Amazon including Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Christian Business.

Today, I spend my time leading Vocreo as its Founder and CEO. Vocreo exists to help other entrepreneurs launch and grow their businesses, and so far, we have had some tremendous success. It has been the thrill of my life helping other entrepreneurs do what I have done: launch and grow new businesses.


Introducing my agent, D.J. Snell

Hey Called to Create community! I’ve got some exciting news to share. A many of you know, I have chosen to go the traditional publishing route for my next book, Called to Create. For those unfamiliar with the publishing process, the first major hurdle for an author is getting a literary agent to agree to…

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With the launch of this website, I am also launching an Instagram channel to inspire Christian entrepreneurs and creatives and keep you informed on the progress of Called to Create. Follow at @WeAreCalledToCreate!